Decompression Sessions


EMBODY: Align the body with movement, becoming aware of your physical structure and how it moves and breathes.

EMPOWER: Connect with the interactions between your mind, body, and spirit through self inquiry.

ENJOY: Open new pathways in the body to hone your instincts and realize how you work best in the world.


Typically 50 minutes long, each customizable session is composed of conversation, moving, and breathing.

Technique and modalities:  Decompression and body balancing elements are composed of Reiki in the Usui Lineage, marma points and meridian theory, collected knowledge from two decades of experience in the field of hatha and yin yoga, breath work, body-watching, global healing traditions for pleasure, joy, and continued study of the relationships within the body that directly affect our daily lives. 

Therapeutic movement sessions are derived from The Thinking Body-The Feeling Mind®  technique, developed by Linda Lack, Ph.D.

Session Types:

Moving Parts

The Moving Parts session is focused on physical alignment and proactive healing as you move about the world.  Improve posture, increase range of motion, and make space in the body through dynamic movement exercises and learning to let go.

The Zen Zap:

The ZZ session is designed for decompression and relaxation. Receive assisted meditation through deep relaxation and activation of energetic points in the head, face, neck, hands and feet.

Applied Body Consciousness, for high performance humans. 

This session is meant to affect daily routines and habits. The ABC package encourages clear pathways between mind and muscle, breath and movement, focus and feeling...all day every day. This session is designed to be a source of increased awareness and decompression for high performance bodies. During periods of either recovery or optimum condition, the body is encouraged to examine its own range of motion while moving or resting in proper alignment.   

All sessions end with putting the body in a state of deep relaxation in order to wake with new perspective.


Private Session 

$100 Locally in Los Angeles
Rates out of state are subject to change. Drop us a line to find out more.

Remote Sessions by Video

Remote sessions are meant to supplement and refine in-person technique foundation





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