I have a dream that a meditative practice will be as rote a task as brushing teeth or making the bed, that checking in with the body, spirit, and mind will be developmentally synonymous with learning how to crawl or walk.  It'll just be something we know to pass on for surviving and thriving on this earth. Everyone will claim their birthright as teachers, empowered reflections of the world around them. We'll look back and say "Oh yeah, there were classes on this stuff ages ago.  How funny..."

UNTIL THEN, we've got the work of evolution to do. We are already on our way and it may just be as simple as doing the things that make us feel more alive. 


Creaturepace® is a philosophy of intentional action, decompression, and play as meditation and a means to connect to the natural world.

It's living at creature speed--  thinking, doing, breathing, feeling feelings about what we're doing while we're doing it, therefore achieving an internal perception of time.  Just as animals in the wild love to play,  the most innovative human beings benefit from recreation, decompression, and complete abandon in the moment. 

Creaturepace has kept my body in tune, motivations fresh and my actions wholehearted.

This kind of witnessing begins the process of seeing the seer (a concept that's neither new nor mine) where we can decide which experiences we'd like to keep in order to make what's next even better.

It is how I stay grounded despite the mental and emotional overstimulation that comes with digital distraction. Creaturepace allows me to clarify my perception and broaden my perspective. Effectively getting back in my skin makes me more able to draw new lines and add definition to sources of strength, joy, and peace for my entire being. 


Trinity Capili lives for sharing modern and ancient techniques that lead to fulfillment and wholeheartedly enjoys creating new rituals for daily life. After two decades of a steady practice in various meditation, movement, and breathing techniques, her body has readied itself for its purpose here: give life meaning to and through this bodily experience by seeing to it that bodies do what they love for longer.

As for the world, Trinity believes that we all create what's next. Our bodies are individual jungles in which we must learn to thrive. Embodiment is sensational and spiritual, individual and universal. The subtleties of the pleasure body are really important. Laughter, decompression, relaxation and play are effective ways to grow our capacity to relate to what's around us. Everything is everything. Everything is intercourse. Transformation is the language of love. 



Trinity is the youngest of three daughters, and a first-generation Filipino American raised in Southern California. While she is currently based in Los Angeles, she also sees clients in New York, Boston, Portland, and Hawai'i.

Other involvements include:
- Advanced 300hr trainings in Kauai and Los Angeles for Cloud Nine Yoga

- Teaching, dancing and growing the modality of The Thinking Body- The Feeling Mind

- Ongoing work with the Pachamama Alliance
- Making art inspired by the human body

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