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Welcome to Creaturepace. 

Our Vision

Smarter bodies for greater times.

Recreation redefined by normalizing pleasure and joy in the mix of life.

Raising human consciousness through awareness of the body and its capabilities for the sake of an  increased capacity for aliveness. Let's create a world where community, embodied integration and loving intelligence hold ground for a meaningful existence.



$75/30min   $150/hr

Sessions are available in-person and virtually on Zoom.

Creaturepace Session

Creaturepace movement and decompression sessions are a resource for creating space, strength, and capacity for joy in the body. Humans are creatures designed to evolve through the body's ability to ground and move freely, appreciating its ability to transform at its own pace. With consistency, practice develops into a refreshed relationship with gravity, breath, and the main structures of the body such as the spine and psoas muscles. 

Components of 1:1 sessions include grounding, moving, making room for the energy that moves you. 

Trinity's philosophy about normalizing joy, theory and application of the TBFM Technique created by Linda Lack, PhD, and intuitive interoceptive guidance. Also on the menu: designing a customized warm-up for your life, Reiki and tantric energetics, toning the subtle body, alignment take-aways for new musculoskeletal movement patterns, plus a sense of humor and delight about human anatomy and body mechanics. 

Really, sessions are made to order. Each session is unique to the individual, completely customized, and usually rad.


For lifetime existential mountain climbers, spiral riders, budding oracles, and embodied mystics who feel the leveling up of their sensitivities and gifts: I honor you. Fellow holders of what I like to call "Big Space", I see you and feel you. Ongoing mentorship is available for those seeking grounding exercises for growing energetic capacity.



Rates vary

Creature Kids: Physical education with somatic and energetic awareness for young ones of today. Available for individuals and small groups. Ages 6+.

Learn more.

Program Design and Consultation: Customized program development for your team or organization. Bring embodied decompression and multi-layer realignment into your work environment through workshops or specialized professional development curriculum.


Meet the Founder


Trinity Capili is a movement therapist, teacher, and pleasure enthusiast here to normalize body awareness and inspire joyful existence. She believes bodies are magnificent and physical re-education is key to our evolution. For more than two decades, her life work has been to facilitate quality conversations and integration between bodies, minds, and souls.

Trinity teaches body-positive meditations, holistic ergonomics, mobility and somatic awareness. She is a teacher and archivist of the integrative movement technique, The Thinking Body- The Feeling Mind®,  

Industry Expertise

Workplace Culture  Wellness & Life Balance ● Ergonomics ● Meditation ● Movement Therapy Yoga Teacher Training, Certification, Continuing Education ● Facilitated Life Force Integration for professionals and creatives 

Professional & Community Involvement

Cloud Nine Yoga  OG Yoga ● People's Yoga, East LA  IAF Compound  Pachamama Alliance ● The Thinking Body - The Feeling Mind® IRIS.TV     PUC Inspire Charter Academy  Hatfield Futures Project ● Center for Artist Resilience 


Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 ● Yoga Alliance Teacher Trainer & Continuing Education Provider, Cloud Nine Yoga● Ergonomics ● Movement Rx, The Thinking Body - The Feeling Mind® ● Adult First Aid/ CPR/ AED ● Reiki Levels I-III, Reiki Master ●TEFL ● B.A. English, CSU Fullerton

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