Welcome to Creaturepace. 

Creaturepace® is a movement philosophy and resource for embodiment, empowerment, and enjoyment of our human existence in this world.

Our Vision

Decompression redefined. Smarter bodies for greater times. Raising human consciousness and capacity through decompression and body awareness.

 Our Offerings

Decompression: Body awareness through movement and discussion, breathing exercises, and a guided deep relaxation. The goal is to feel the body's vastness through inner-world peace and grounding.

Ergonomics: Optimizing the body at work and play. A look at the body's preferences in its creative environments. These workshop-style sessions are a look into how one carries themselves in the world.

The Thinking Body~The Feeling Mind® Technique: Created by Linda Lack, Ph.D., this movement technique highlights and honors your unique design, this somatic and interoceptive technique lets the body ground and fly in complete alignment. Pleasurable, healing, and enlightening.

Mentorship: An hour of guidance and witnessing for those seeking to deepen their own practice. Ideal for those in the movement and healing community as a resource for self care.


Subscriptions: Consistency is key when learning and growing in the body. These tailored subscriptions become more bespoke with time. 

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Meet Trinity

Trinity is a movement therapist here to inspire a joyful existence and unconditional love for/through/with the human body.

Her experience is wrapped in two decades of field work in movement, yoga, and self-awareness practices, encouraging real conversations between people and their own parts. After a five year hiatus from advising business leaders, teaching and training teachers, Trinity took to re-educating and reframing her body’s context in today's world. She discovered more ways to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom techniques and day-to-day living.

Trinity teaches body-positive meditations, holistic ergonomics, and facilitates embodiment workshops for businesses and educators. She is a teacher and demonstrator of the movement technique, The Thinking Body- The Feeling Mind®.  Trinity offers one-on-one coaching for those seeking a connection or deeper conversation with their bodies.

Trinity created Creaturepace® as a resource to help bodies be who they are and do what they love for longer


Industry Expertise

Workplace Culture  Wellness & Life Balance ● Ergonomics ● Meditation ● Movement Therapy Yoga Teacher Training, Certification, Continuing Education 

Professional & Community Involvement

Cloud Nine Yoga  OG Yoga ● People's Yoga  IAF Compound  Pachamama Alliance ● The Thinking Body - The Feeling Mind® IRIS.TV     PUC Inspire Charter Academy 


Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 ● Yoga Alliance Teacher Trainer & Continuing Education Provider, Cloud Nine Yoga● Ergonomics ● Movement Rx, The Thinking Body - The Feeling Mind® ● Adult First Aid/ CPR/ AED ● Reiki Levels I-III, Reiki Master ●TEFL ● B.A. English, CSU Fullerton