Welcome to Creaturepace. 

Creaturepace® is a movement philosophy for sustainability, awareness, and pleasure in the body.

Knowledge of our own developmental pace balances the work of humanity with recreation.

Just as animals in the wild love to play, the most innovative human beings benefit from decompression and abandon in the moment as a means to thrive and evolve.

Our Mission

Smarter bodies for greater times. Raising human consciousness and capacity through decompression and body awareness.

Our Vision

Conscious embodiment will be developmentally synonymous with learning how to crawl or walk. It'll be something we must know to do and pass on for surviving and thriving on this Earth. One day soon for all of us, self-reflection will be as rote a task as brushing teeth or making the bed.

Life will be lived fully in integration of our innermost universal selves with our earthly experience. Everyone will claim their birthright as teachers, seeing their bodies as open and empowered reflections of the world around them. We'll look back and say "Oh yeah, there were classes on this stuff ages ago. How funny... "

Until then, we've got the work of evolution to do.

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Meet the Owner

In the middle of a flourishing career as an advisor and teacher in Los Angeles, Trinity realized that her colleagues--fellow meditation facilitators, business leaders and “professional yogis” were undergoing stress-induced reactions in their bodies because of the “cantstopwontstop” mentality necessary to bring their ideas to fruition. It seemed that visionaries could use more ways to sustain themselves, herself included.

Trinity took a five year hiatus from teaching to re-educate herself and reframe the body’s context in a tech-infused world. She discovered more ways to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom techniques and today’s daily grind in a grounded and pleasurable way.

After two decades of field work in movement, emotional intelligence and self-awareness practices, Trinity created Creaturepace® seeing to it that bodies do what they love for longer. It's no longer viable to deny that growth--personal or professional, is a full-body process.

Innerworld peace is invaluable. We are wild things.

Let’s do what moves us.

Industry Expertise

Wellness & Life Balance ● Ergonomics ● Meditation ● Movement Therapy Yoga Teacher Training, Certification, Continuing Education

Professional & Community Involvement

Cloud Nine Yoga  OG Yoga ● People's Yoga  IAF Compound  Pachamama Alliance ● The Thinking Body - The Feeling Mind IRIS.TV ● PUC Inspire Charter Academy 


Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 ● Yoga Alliance Teacher Trainer & Continuing Education Provider ● Ergonomics ● Movement Rx, The Thinking Body - The Feeling Mind® ● Adult First Aid/ CPR/ AED ● Reiki Levels I-III, Reiki Master ●TEFL ● B.A. English, CSU Fullerton

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