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Trinity is a force of nature that nourishes the potential of everything in her path.  Through a powerful presence, through playfulness, through clarity, deep in session or coy over a cup of tea, like the rain and like the sunlight, her spirit makes it irresistible to burst into bloom.

Liberty Larsen, Artist, Performer, Creative Director, 4th generation magician

Trinity has been my favorite body work specialist in Los Angeles.  She investigates what is burdening the mind first, and then uses that as a compass find what is burdening the body.  This method is both nourishing and incredibly effective.  
- Zack Meyers,  Composer, Producer

I have been working with Trinity for 3 years to improve my flexibility and well-being. In that time, my shoulder and back muscles have seen a dramatic release of tension - turning me from a "rock to a windsock".  Trinity's sessions are relaxing, pain free, carefully managed, and progress gradually as the musculoskeletal system re-aligns to its natural state. 

Thomas J. Sullivan, Ph.D., Chief Data Scientist

I am deeply grateful for Trinity's guidance, wisdom, and deep love.  She understands how the body moves and flows with the mind; this understanding then guides how she listens and works with me and my body.  Trinity is a healer who is always applying what's she's learned and learning to her life and then translating it for the rest of us.  During our body work sessions, she listens deeply and responds with words, movement, massage, and Reiki to help my body move through its questions, emotions, and learning.

​- Karman Mak, Educator

As I began my own textile business I naturally faced inner and outer challenges; often the fear of starting something for myself was intense and made me want to stop, quit and go back to the humdrum of a ‘normal’ everything-fits-in-the-box kind of life.  I knew that my work with Trinity would be invaluable in pushing past these fears. Her ability to deeply listen to my heart adjoined with her crisp alacrity in reflection, has only ever guided me into my heart's true want for this lifetime. Her joy, laughter and love towards life is uplifting and encouraging, always pointing me towards my own natural capacity of love, joy and laughter.  This reminder has filled up my work, my personal life and my spiritual heart with the shiniest, brightest reflection of who I truly am, and who I am here to be.
- Megan Juniper Post, weaver, teacher, mother of two badass boys.


Working in television as a news anchor, authenticity is of paramount importance. My primary goal is to be the same person on screen as I am off screen, to truly be congruent no matter the environment that I am in. Every time I’m approached by a viewer and they say “you’re the same on tv as you are right now,” I ALWAYS take a breath of gratitude for the great Trinity Capili. Throughout our work together she has designed a meditation plan custom to me and my needs. She’s a gifted spiritual teacher connected in the deepest way to the pace of every individual human creature. Truly. There is no one quite like her. She’s a judgement free zone and will get you right mentally and spiritually. But, you best be ready to put in the work!! If you make the choice to apply her teachings and principles, your life will transform. You’ll feel more equipped to deal with the daily situations that may arise, leaving you the space to do what we’re for.... to love. 
- Melvin Robert, News Anchor for Spectrum News 1

I have been lovingly and joyously held by Trinity's spiritual care and guidance since 2014. She supports me in accessing the most expansive depths within me and returning to my simple truths and playful ways of being. A beloved teacher and sister who guides and walks with me on the path of healing and liberation.

- Maria Franco-Rahman, Founder & Facilitator, Con Todo Corazon

Trinity is truly a godsend. She has given me invaluable tools to help me manage the chronic Lupus symptoms that I frequently experience. Trinity has taught me the importance of awareness and the essential communication that must exist between you and your body. There is no one quite like her... I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to expand their healing and awareness.

-Griselle Preston, Badass and Impeccable Woman 

Trinity is the most amazing human that I know. If she is even human. Her wisdom and intuition are not of this realm. For nearly two decades I have benefited from Trinity’s many gifts. I struggle with anxiety and find when I’m on the mat with Trinity, I’m at peace. Her understanding of the body, mind and soul converge to create a truly blissful experience.  Trinity has worked with me over the years to incorporate techniques used during a session into my daily life. As a result I am calmer and more in tune with my body.  I am forever grateful for all Trinity has done for me and how much I have learned.  Also, she has magic hands. 

- Rose Haas, Technical Designer 

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