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Creature Kids

What is Creature Kids?
Creature Kids is a somatic physical education program that keeps the development of the whole person in mind with three main components to the curriculum: embodiment, empowerment, and enjoyment. 

These principles are delivered through the integration of The Thinking Body-The Feeling Mind® technique, basic human anatomy, play time and discussion about life in a body. The curriculum can be tailored for specific age groups and varying demographics. 


Creature Kids offers the physical education program adults of today wish we had, that fosters conscious embodiment integrated with the physicality of being human. It's delightful to see young ones absorb universal concepts easily, and the adults in the room rediscover the architecture of their own amazing design. 


Here are the tenets of the Creature Kids program

Embody: Education and experience of the physical body (musculoskeletal). Practical anatomy and movement that lets kids explore range of motion and learn about the systems of the body.

Empower:  Applied practice that invites us to see ourselves as the amazing beings we are, and honor individual learning processes. Story sharing about the themes of the embodiment lesson.

Enjoy:   Celebration the present moment. Practicing what we've learned through dance, mindful movement, and exercises for reflection.


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