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Nakey Wakey Cosmic Tea: Story and Shareable Template

In July of 2020, I began to facilitate a Naked Meditation practice as an offering to balance the overwhelming feeling of fear and contraction in all of our bodies. At 6:00am PST, myself and a handful of brave souls met on zoom for 22 minutes, moved and sang to our bodies, agreeing to keep our eyes open to pleasure and delight for the rest of the day. The practice yielded potent medicine for those who stuck to it and we would send the frequency out to all those who needed it. 

Even simpler than that, when we breathed and took the time to feel ourselves, it buoyed us up. 

That was the point.

The first iteration of Naked Meditation yielded some unexpected personal overflow of hope during rough times.

Now, I've brought it alive again to amplify and uplift the spiritual work of the collective thus far; Many people did not have a choice in their meditative and reflective journey on grief and pain. The process is not small. It is also not easy.

We have learned that life can get wild and really hard on the heart.

This is my activism that can wholeheartedly honor how I'm built: create a circle to send and receive healing, a source of light and hope out there as we do the work of being alive and human today, which itself has become an athletic feat.

I've adjusted the components a bit, bringing the ingredients I know to bring to the table and create an even safer and more universal space to join. It's turned into a ritual of opening the body for wishes and heartfelt intentions. When I was in elementary school, younglings had "prayer partners", someone a grade or two ahead of you to look out for you and sometimes walk to weekly mass together. I like to think I'm revamping that concept by making the language sweeter as we remain accountability partners for hope each time we meet.

The original name "Naked Meditation" raised eyebrows by design. Those who know me know that I'm also about creating safe spaces for bodies, so I need to break the news that one doesn't have to be literally naked to attend. This is an invitation to be You, free of mental and emotional coverings.

You are welcome to arrive exactly as you are, perhaps tune in the middle of your morning tasks, while you wash your face or make your tea or fry an egg or toast some toast. 

Yet, if you do see this as in invitation to see what it feels like to celebrate your naked body and honor some heartfelt intentions in a holy high vibe container on a Thursday morning, welcome to the party, baby. Feel it where you need it. All cameras are encouraged to switch off during the mantra portion, so that's your time and your space enjoy as you will.

And ah, if you're one who has leveled up in terms of sensitivity and connective capacity to Life Force energy, a practice like this also might have your name on it. 

Most of all, this offering, now called "Nakey Wakey Cosmic T" is a reminder that our bodies are radical vessels, living temples of sacred geometry in partnership with our magnificent souls. They are fragile and formidable, specifically designed for healing, transformation and creativity, not just some thing we lug around until we die. 

Our bodies are our holy ride.

Ours to detail, power on and off. 

The time is now to hit the switches.

We are the elders of the next Golden Age.

I wanted to share the template for this practice for those who want to take it, use it as a guide, and make it their own.

Below are the details. Please share it as you are called to do so. 

What: Nakey Wakey Cosmic T

When: Thursdays 7:00am PST

Where: Insert your own Zoom link here


We'll do three things in this weekly 22 minute container:

1. Begin a conversation with the body through breath, gratitude and deep listening. 

Opening words after the candle is lit.

2. Breathe in the Om Mani Padme Hum 108 vibration

I play this track because it's a beautiful and rich version of the mantra. Also, it keeps about 7 minutes of time.

This is where cameras go off but the time is held by the mantra.

3. Cameras can go back on, it makes the "cheers" part more fun. In step 3, we raise a glass to all the flavors of joy and grief (and raise it to ourselves, our loved ones, our world, our sources that give us life, all the names of God, the birds, whales, seeds, shrooms, sky, lava, galactic friends, ascended masters, spirit guides, angels, ancestors, trees, dreams, waking, our own cells, systems, tissues, fibers,  molecules. All the molecules. All the hide and seek. Everything in between. Each drop of life that has freed your soul. All the prayers, spoken and unspoken, channeled through in perfect time. Mainly, we cheers the lily pad of the moment to send/receive/rejoice in Love)

Trinity's Closing Prayer:

Angels, all of my angels, please wrap around our hearts and the hearts of our loved ones. Remind us of our beauty and power, joy, and light. Spirit guides, ascended masters, galactic friends, spirits of the sea, sky, and land, the strength and skill of our ancestors, All Beloveds who love us unconditionally, from all dimensions in this multiverse: Thank you for your Love, light, protection, peace and fun. Thank you for your synchronicities, blessings, and gifts. They keep us hopeful and alive.

With a gracious heart and our own free will, we ask for continued love, light, protection, peace, and fun. Reassurance, blessings, clarity, and gifts. Support and clear affirmations.

And, when the tables have turned and you are embodied, we will hook you up tenfold.

Every breath is a thank you. Body, breath, and beat. Awake Aware and Alive is all. Simple Mind, Loving heart, smart body.


Nakey in the sense of being undisguised.  

Wakey in terms of eyes open to oneself and the all dimensions of the Self.

Cosmic because of the shared heavenly composition of everything. 

Tea because tea and T for Truth and Truth is nourishment.

Thursdays because let's beam out Jupiter/thunder/ expansion waves of beauty over scarcity. 

Om mani padme hum because it's tried and true throughout time here, signaling kindness, compassion, and blessings for the world beginning from within.

Here we are, here we go!

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