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Weekly Schedule

Reserved for private sessions
7:00pm PST -   Creaturepace Decompression Weekly on Wednesdays 
      Duration: 1 hour
      Description: Guided movement into the subtle body and relief of extremity tension, accompanied by a 30 minute decompression of            the whole body.
      Suggested donation of $15-20  
Reserved for private sessions
6:00am - Naked Meditation
      Duration: 22 minutes
      Description: Body positive meditation.  Eventually, we'd like to go global with this body-loving practice. This offering is by invitation          or personal referral only. 
​      $0
4:00pm PST -  TBFM Fundamentals
      Duration: 90 Minutes
      Description: Beginner's practice of The Thinking Body~The Feeling Mind (TBFM), with Q&A at the conclusion of class.
9:00am PST - Supreme Being
     Duration: 90 Minutes
      Description: A joyful practice for spirit. Yin sequence for care of kidneys and urinary bladder, dexterity of hands and feet,                        pluse tending to the muscles in between
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