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We are wild things.

Let's do what moves us.


Intimacy with our bodies is imperative to our evolution.

A sense of freedom from the inside out is possible when we integrate and honor the body's processing time,

its own unique creaturepace.

We are wild things.

Let's do what moves us. 


Smarter bodies for greater times; raising human consciousness and capacity

through decompression, body movement and body awareness.


Private Sessions

Align the body with movement, becoming aware of your physical structure and how it moves and breathes.


Program Design

Connect with the interactions between your mind, body, and spirit through self inquiry.


Plans & Subscriptions

Open new pathways in the body, hone your instincts and relish in how you work best in the world.


Trinity is a force of nature that nourishes the potential of everything in her path.  Through a powerful presence, through playfulness, through clarity, deep in session or coy over a cup of tea, like the rain and like the sunlight, her spirit makes it irresistible to burst into bloom.

- Liberty Larsen,

4th Generation Magician

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