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Life is the practice.

Honoring how our body holds experiences results in flow.

We are channels. We are wild things.

Let's do what moves us. 

20181007_151119 (1).jpg

We are wild things. 
Let's do what moves us.


Recreation redefined;

smarter bodies for greater times.




Private and
Group Sessions

Refine or begin a new conversation with the body. Available 1:1 or in small group sessions virtually or in-person.

Humans are creatures that ooze._From the chin to the brow_And all the way down_Humans are

Creature Kids

Holistic physical education with somatic awareness for young ones.  Available for individuals or small groups, online or in-person.


Program Design

Bring embodiment and awareness practices to your team or organization.


Trinity is a master of teaching you how to take better care of your body. She is an alchemist. Her work has been instrumental in helping us build a great company culture at IRIS.TV and providing employees with preventative health resources.

- Field Garthwaite, CEO & Co-Founder IRIS.TV

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