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For inner world peace.


An inner sense of freedom is possible when we integrate and honor the body's processing time,

its own unique creaturepace.

We are channels.

We are wild things.

Let's do what moves us. 


Decompression redefined.

Smarter bodies for greater times.

Raising human consciousness and capacity

through body movement, awareness and relaxation.

Humans are creatures that ooze._From the chin to the brow_And all the way down_Humans are

Private Sessions

Align the body with movement, becoming aware of how

it moves and breathes.


Program Design

Decompression, mindfulness, holistic ergonomics curriculum for you and your organization to create a culture of everyday awareness.


Plans & Subscriptions

Consistency is key. Create a new world of self-care for yourself and your loved ones through

sharable subscriptions. 


Trinity is a master of teaching you how to take better care of your body. She is an alchemist. Her work has been instrumental in helping us build a great company culture at IRIS.TV and providing employees with preventative health resources.

- Field Garthwaite, CEO & Co-Founder IRIS.TV