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We are wild things. 
Let's do what moves us.

Photograph by Trinity Capili 

Creaturepace movement and decompression sessions are a resource for creating space, strength, and capacity for joy in the body. Humans are creatures designed to evolve through the body's ability be to ground and move freely, appreciating its ability move in alignment and transform at its own pace. With consistency, practice develops into a refreshed relationship with gravity, breath, and the main structures of the body such as the spine and psoas muscles. 

Components of 1:1 sessions include Trinity's philosophy about normalizing joy, theory and application of the TBFM Technique created by Linda Lack, PhD, and intuitive interoceptive guidance. Also on the menu: embodied integration rituals, designing a customized warm-up for your life, Reiki and tantric energetics, toning the subtle body, alignment take-aways for new musculoskeletal movement patterns, plus a sense of humor and delight about human anatomy and body mechanics. 


Really, sessions are made to order. Each session is unique to the individual, completely customized, and usually rad.

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I have been lovingly and joyously held by Trinity's spiritual care and guidance since 2014. She supports me in accessing the most expansive depths within me and returning to my simple truths and playful ways of being. A beloved teacher and sister who guides and walks with me on the path of healing and liberation.

- Maria Franco-Rahman, Founder & Facilitator, Con Todo Corazon

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